Why Outsource?
Time, Cost and Quality are the three main challenges when developing and implementing new projects. Outsourcing can address these issues by providing expert teams to develop and implement a project efficiently, cost-effectively and at the highest possible standard.
  • Greater economies of scale regardless of the size of business
  • Allows internal workforce to focus on core issues
  • Expert teams without recruiting, hiring & training costs
  • Improved security & risk management
  • Access to rare technological expertise
  • Speed of process
Bridge Software Outsourcing

We work with global businesses on projects of all sizes, deploying a dedicated team hosted on or off-site that act as a seamless extension of an in-house team. The service is aligned directly to the needs of each project and the team, budget and management is overseen and managed by us.

Case Study - Global Top 5 Automotive OEM BI Hub

Our experienced team of experts overseen by our strategy and project management undertook a project to create a global Business Intelligence hub for a global OEM, enabling global dealer network management and performance intervention planning.

This project involved:

  • Integration of 10 major Learning Management Systems from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and General Markets
  • Integration of customer surveys, operational and sales data
  • Addition of Global Training Needs Analysis
  • AI predictive analytics integration – planned for 2020

The work was done collaboratively with our client and saw us starting in 2018 with team composition who worked with a variety of technologies to develop and implement each stage of the project.

Technologies used:

  • .NET Core
  • Entity Framework core 2
  • MS SQL
  • Angular 7
  • Material design
  • RxJS
  • Lodash
  • OIDC(OpenID Connect)
  • Gulp, Sass
  • Identity server

The Business Intelligence Hub was the first stage in a larger project that would see us develop a suite of bespoke solutions to address the needs of our client. The solutions are all mobile first, in a variety of languages and were completed on time and within budget.

To execute the project, our team undertook each stage of the development, from content development, software engineering, Devops and architecture to quality assurance and delivery. The project was undertaken in collaboration with our client and the success of the project is testament to our ongoing commitment to provide the best service

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