Thrust into the Future: Digitalisation in the time of COVID-19
We don't know what the future looks like. The grim reality facing businesses across the world today is uncertainty; nobody knows how the current situation will end or what the future holds.
The reality of social distancing is here for the foreseeable future and maybe even beyond. Remote working and virtual offices, which are now a necessity, are new to most but will be the future of employment for many. We've been shunted into the future far quicker and in a far more terrifying way than we could have imagined. What the current situation has done is highlight the urgent need to be ready for the paradigm shift that we are facing in terms of working methods and practices.
There is no doubt that in the short term businesses that rely on groups of people; restaurants, entertainment venues, sports, events, to name but a few, are going to be the first to suffer but it is becoming increasingly clear that the long lasting effects on all businesses, in all industries and the way they work will be far reaching. There is sure to be major disruption in individual industries as innovative responses to the changing situation are implemented. Something as simple as the explosion of more sophisticated virtual classrooms and video conferencing apps will be the most obvious as they become more mainstream, desperately needed to be advanced enough to support workers and educate children. How we do business, interact with each other and continue post COVID-19 remains to be seen, but industries can do something now.
What is needed is the speedy implementation of technology and digitalisation. Digitalisation is absolutely central to the survival of a business today and is key to future success. Companies that had already adopted digitalisation of assets and operational processes are able to continue functioning as close to normal as possible, those who had been slow to pick up on technological development are now scrambling to catch up.

The benefits.
Digitalisation improves efficiency, ensures quality and consistency in processes, and shortens the communications chain. By integrating digital records, assets and data, storage is safer, there is less margin for human error and importantly operating costs are reduced. There is the additional advantage of being able to easily analyse data and access in depth reporting, crucial to future survival and success.

The future is digital.
Digitalisation, AI, advanced satellite and communication technology will all change the world, both economically and socially. 5G is laying the groundwork for these future technological advances that will see us living in a totally networked society. The opportunities this will present are vast, even offering sophisticated ways of dealing with a future pandemic. In order for business to stay on top of these advances and take advantage of the new world of opportunity, they must be ready.

The good news is that digitalisation and technological development of core systems can be put in place relatively quickly. We at Bridge Software Development can quickly mobilise and assess your digitalisation needs, implement strategies and get your organisation digital at speed: Providing your business with systems to weather the current storm and capabilities for future success and prospective growth.

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