CX Championship
Customer Experience Championship App: The development of an intelligence-based app for a global customer experience competition.
Our client launched a series of global competitions for sales and service representatives and needed a technological solution to make the competition multilingual, fair across cultures, transparent and withstand constant updates. The solution needed to record, measure and broadcast answers and results between the judges and contestants, and the results ultimately used as future learning tools.
Our solution was a multilingual device-agnostic app that allowed competitors to create video responses to questions which were then translated and delivered to judges to be assessed. This was followed by role plays which were translated in real time ensuring judging was fair, irrespective of language. The best practices recorded through the competition were captured and shared throughout the company.

This was the first time that AI was successfully used in Hyundai's global competition. App users took part in 20 different languages generating a library of best practice results that are successfully being used as a part of the company's overall learning process.