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Many large businesses still believe that using a 50-slide PowerPoint presentation or handing out logins to an eLearning module is how you should train employees. One of our clients, a top 5 Global OEM believes eLearning is dead and that a new solution for learning should replace traditional eLearning modules. We agreed.

Bridge Software Development was asked to suggest and implement a new learning technology solution that would address the shortcomings of existing eLearning.
As part of our discovery process, it became clear that people use computers for work related learning, but use their smartphones when they are invested in learning and the learning is personally important. It is also widely accepted that people prefer information to be delivered in a truly interactive way and this style of learning is infinitely more preferable than linear eLearning modules. One of the solutions we created from this brief, was the AI Driven Learning Bot. The Learnbot would adopt the concept and strategies of Microlearning and deliver engaging, memorable content therefore addressing our client's needs.
Our Recommendation:
What is the AI Learning Bot?
The AI Learning Bot was designed and built to deliver learning via small conversational pieces of information. Published on social media messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram or a webchat function within an existing LMS, the AI LearnBot can host a variety of training subjects.
Designed specifically for our client;

Integrates with other training systems; LMS, Bridge Software Development digital workbook, BI platforms etc;

Allows two way communication and implementation of Spaced Interval Repetition Technique;

Multilingual functionality – the Learnbot currently operates in 4 different languages; English, Russian, Arabic and Spanish;

Localised content for each region with customised content to the specific user;

The AI which powers the Learnbot recognises what users are searching for, what the user's pace and style is and will filter and deliver information accordingly;

Keyword learning allows for users to search for topics to fill in the gaps in their knowledge;

Acts as a virtual new product coach which can be used remotely or at dealerships;

Assessment capabilities, incorporating tests and quizzes;

Additional performance support in the form of pushing info at certain schedules, providing feedback and troubleshooting where necessary;

Improves on-boarding and provides simulations in the form of role-playing either customers or employees.
Organisational Benefits achieved:
Flexible training, on or off-site;

Non-intimidating and self-paced learning experience;

Instant tracking of the results and the most common questions asked;

Measures time spent per section/chapter;

Understands the most in-demand content;

Streamlined future development.

Measuring success with the Bot
Specific KPIs were drawn up before the development of the bot began, and these include:

Engagement rates, such as the total users and the average users per day. In addition, total sessions and average sessions per day can be tracked for reporting purposes and broken down on a regional basis.

An overview of chosen subject areas with full breakdowns of categories, views and models are available allowing management to recognise trends in learning and potential areas for concern.

Usage time which can be broken down into specific channels, plus device and app data allowing tracking of which times, on which devices and from which app users are accessing the material. This function also tracks both the total session duration and average session duration for each channel.

We are honoured to have our learning bot solution used by so many consultants around the world. It is testament to our client's forward-thinking and their belief in us. The implementation of this revolutionary tool has unified consultants around the world and provided a platform to deliver the company's key values and best-practice sharing. This promotion of company culture is integral to building on the success and prosperity of the company. We look forward to seeing the Learnbot help other companies experience the benefits of effective and engaging learning.

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